The co-partnership Gutsche Maxwitat Lau was founded on 1st February 2005 by merging the co-partnership Gutsche and Lau and the chamber Maxwitat.

The tax consulting company Maxwitat was long-established and renowned and had been successfully run for 40 years by the Tax advisor Mr. Erhard Maxwitat. The change between the generations led to a transfer of the company to the son Ralf Maxwitat.

The co-partnership Gutsche and Lau, founded by Mrs. Stephanie Lau and Mr. Thomas Gutsche, was a young company and was founded in 2000.

The basic idea of the merger was to be able to fulfil the clients’ permanent increasing requirements by grouping the competences. As the 2 companies corresponded well referring the number of employees, as well as the size and the clientele, and the owners complemented each other not only in a professional, but also personal way with regards to the running a tax consulting company, the basis for the co-partnership Gutsche Maxwitat GbR was soon found.