International tax law

The removal of borders and the merging of the countries in Europe in corporate, legal and social terms results in an internationalisation that is continually expanding and that places high demands on all companies and private persons that participate in commercial trade as far as the regulatory areas are concerned.

For example the taxation at the place of permanent establishment, transfer pricing and the documentation obligations and the deployment of employees abroad are relevant for German companies while foreign companies have to concern themselves with their taxation in Germany. Private persons often have a secondary residence in Spain, Switzerland or Austria or have even emigrated to these countries. The tax consultant Mr Ralf Maxwitat has been awarded the title “Specialist Advisor for International Tax Law” as proof that he has the special theoretical knowledge and practical experience that is required to do justice to these diverse and challenging demands in the advisory setting.

Support is especially provided in the following areas:

Double taxation treaties law
External involvement tax law
Relocation of the place of residence abroad
Deployment of employees abroad
Cross-border inheritance and gift tax cases
Balance sheet preparation and reporting in accordance with IFRS