Tax advice

The tax law is closely intertwined with all areas of life and law. In addition to that the corporate tax law is undergoing constant changes affecting you and as any other entrepreneur directly.

A permanent mandate in tax matters requires besides dealing with the given facts and the associated counselling, a regular review of the opportunities offered by the tax system. In addition to these services we provide in compliance with our mission qualified, interdisciplinary advice in complex issues. We are also the right contact, for example, when it comes to assessing a draft contract with respect to its tax impact, or when a second opinion on an existing concept needs to be obtained to substantiate your decision.

We attach utmost importance to a permanent exchange with our clients. All goals and ideas must be communicated in advance clearly and unequivocally to ensure that they can be realized optimally in terms of taxes

Our areas of specialization:

Classical tax consulting (establishing annual financial reports and tax returns for private clients and companies)
Establishing annual financial reports according to HGB und IFRS (German laws)
Support with tax audits within the client’s company
Consulting on the succession process of a company and the process of handing it over
Consulting on inheritance and gift taxes
Reorganisation of companies
International law of taxation