Area of expertise: Business transfer

Many a medium-sized company is facing the issue of generation change. Then, if not earlier, there arises the questions: How to organize the succession in company management?

Succession is determined by the entrepreneur under consideration of the family realities. The primary objective of succession will be maintaining the company for the next generation, safeguarding its independence and – at least initially – keeping the control in the hands of the family. Considering all possible forms, such as transfer within the family, sale to a third party or company leasing, we develop together with you a tailored solution and assist you in implementing the relevant concept.

Following our interdisciplinary approach and based on the objectives formulated above we work out an efficient tax concept, formulate together with you as early as possible relevant succession clauses under company law and last wills and give advice on anticipated inheritance, the financing and all other issues arising from it.

Mr. Gutsche and Mr. Maxwitat have been awarded the title "Fachberater für Unternehmensnachfolge (FH)" by the Fachhochschule Münster in 2006.