Unternehmen Online

Datev Unternehmen Online provides you with multifaceted support with your financial and payroll accounting. You can use this program to complete all your accounting digitally.

Your benefits at a glance:

Comfort: the original vouchers and documents remain in the company. You are provided with an audit-compliant archive.
Saves time: the “pendulum“ file no longer needs to be swapped. The vouchers are digitalised using a scanner before they are made available to the consultant via a cloud in the Datev computer centre. Sorting, copying and transporting the vouchers is a thing of the past.
Everything at a glance: incoming and outgoing invoices can be administered in an uncomplicated manner. You can also handle invoices, payments and payment reminders online with the additional procurements module.
Transparency: expressive evaluations are always available fast.
Environmentally friendly: less paper consumption during the payroll and financial accounting evaluations.

Are you interested in using Unternehmen online?

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